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    Nova dimenzija mobilnih kućica

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    Kamp Rapoća

  • Za Kantuni

    Za Kantuni Restaurant - Mali Losinj

  • Y/C Marina

    yacht club Marina, Mali Losinj

  • Tourist Agency Losinia

    turistička agencija

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Nerezine is the first place we encounter on the island of Lošinj. It is situated at the foot of Osoršćica hill on the north eastern coastline of Lošinj and was already mentioned as a larger settlement on the island as far back as the 14th century. It was a place which gradually grew from field labouring and sheepherding to a fishing and seagoing settlement with shipyards known for their skilled workmen and construction of wooden ships.

As a tourist resort, Nerezine was already discovered in the 19th century, primarily thanks to Osoršćica hill which delighted all its visitors, including the Austro-Hungarian heir to the throne, Rudolf Habsburg, who climbed to the top in 1887. Nerezine is the starting point on the tourist trail for the ascent to Osoršćica and it is not without reason that it has been proclaimed the most beautiful island mountain in the Adriatic.

Two tourist settlements, two camps, two small family hotels as well as a large number of private rooms and apartments offer pleasant accommodation along with restaurants' delicious cuisine.

The old dockyard is still operational and a new marine, which will supplement the tourist offer, is being revamped.


Useful information:

Post office Tel: + 385 (0)51 237 012

Petrol Station Tifon Tel.+385 (0)51 237 444

Harbour Master's Office, Obala nerezinskih pomoraca 3, Tel: +385 (0)51 237 380

Marina «Nerezine» Biskupija bb, Tel/Fax +385 (0)51 237 033

Bookshop, Trg Studenac 33a, Tel. +385 (0)51 237 431

Parish Church, Our Lady of Good Health
Mass on Sundays and holydays at 10.30 am


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